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Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Post Box

Imagine if there was a postbox where we could send letters to our beautiful furriends over the rainbow bridge. A postbox so we could tell them how much we missed them.

Well now there is. Welcome to the HappyPawtraits Rainbow Bridge Post Box.


How do I send a message?

It's easy and there are so many ways.

Use the comment box.

Send it me via HappyPawtraits on Instagram


You can even write the letter by hand, take a photo of it and send it to the rainbow bridge post box.

What should I say?

You can say anything. Ask how they're doing, tell them how you are. Share your favourite memories or what made them special.

What happens to my letters?

Your letters are sent via the Rainbow Bridge Post Box to your furriends. Maybe they'll respond in the form of a rainbow, or something happy. Something symbolic to your friendship.

I will also post all the letters up here every week so you can see everyone elses.

Anything else?

Yes, every so often I will create a pawtrait of one of our furriends with a message to you. So make sure you share a photo too.

Why did you start this?

It all began with the Rainbow bridge page in my colouring book. For furriends who are new here, I create a colouring book every year and fill it with over 300 pets of Instagram. Every pet in the book is real and you can find them with the index in the back.

This time I had two application periods. One for the book and one for a very special Rainbow Bridge Page. I was blown away by the response, I ended up doing a double spread plus a Garden of Paws just so I could fit everyone in, because I really didn't want to leave anyone out.

I was so touched by how much it meant to everyone to be featured in the book. And on one of those special pages I drew a postbox connecting families on earth and over the rainbow. I wished it existed so I decided to create it.

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