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Hi, I'm Chlöe Glow, I'm a pet pawtrait artist, illustrator and daydreamer 

and I love to draw.​​









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The one thing you will find in my art is (and there's a clue in the name) happiness. My watercolour and digital pawtraits are bursting with fun, happiness and colour. I work with a photograph of your pet to capture their true and unique character.
When I draw a pawtrait, I always feel like the subject has actually come round to my house. We sit there together listening to music, eating biscuits and then they go off home with the drawing. It might seem that being an artist is a lonely job but how can it be when you get to meet such brilliant characters every day. It's like having a party all the time. 
You can order a pawtrait from my ETSY ​or for business enquiries send me an email at

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