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100% crazy 100% true Join DD and Doodle on their wild Welsh holiday in this hilarious comic book.


12 pages of fun 

200 pets 

And one of them could be yours

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Image by HY ART


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Yay so happy to be furriends.

Hello, I'm HappyPawtraits

I'm a happy, paint-splattered artist who just wants to make people smile - it's my mission, to bring happiness to the world and make dark times a little brighter


Hello there

Follow your paws to happy days

I'm so happy you are here. If you'd like to order a pawtrait, click the big blue button which will take you to my Etsy shop. Or check out the galleries and fun projects I have. 

Pet pawtraits full of love

Choose from traditional, digital, emailed, posted, ones for the walls or ones that fit in your hand. There's a pawtrait for everyone


Hi, I'm Chlöe Glow, I'm a pet pawtrait artist, illustrator and daydreamer 

and I love to draw.​

Pet pawtraits full of character

When I draw a pawtrait, I always feel like the subject has actually come round to my house. We sit there together listening to music then they go home with the drawing. It might seem that being an artist is a lonely job but how can it be when you get to meet such brilliant characters every day? It's like having a party all the time. 


About me

I always say if I wasn't drawing - I'd be drawing. It's just - who I am. I also love, writing novels (you can get my novel Dernketh the Broken Island here) listening and playing music, walking in nature, dancing in the kitchen, pigeon whispering, obsessively watching Korean dramas, getting excited by the sea, watching the rain, learning new languages and just loving life.

But my favourite thing is making people happy and creating loads of new projects to make you smile. You can see a handful of them on my page - and sign up to my newsletter for even more fun and the chance to be drawn 


The Dishwasher Dad Family

He's the one and only Dishwasher Dad causing chaos wherever he goes - and always guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Even if he leaves a few broken china in his path.

His own book is coming soon!

Furriend Island

Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 15.02.18 1.jpeg

The happiest place on earth - a virtual island I created through the power of friendship, art and imagination. Check it out on Instagram or join the newsletter for island life updates. 



The Rainbow Bridge Postbox

Imagine if there was a way to send messages to our furriends over the Rainbow Bridge. A way to tell them how much we missed them, how special they are to us.

Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Postbox.

This is a special postbox that delivers your messages, especially to the Rainbow Bridge. All you have to do is write the message and I will do the rest.

Which pawtrait will you choose?

I love to see my pawtraits in their new homes. Share your own with the hashtag 


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