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Happy Pawtraits

Follow your paws to happy days



Hello and welcome to Happy Pawtraits. I'm Chloe, a pet portrait artist, illustrator and day dreamer. I love to draw pets, every type, every size, one day I want to say that I have drawn every single breed of dog and cat. Follow the link below to order your own pawtrait or wildlife prints.





You can also email me at happypawtraits@outlook.com


If you don't see what you're looking for, send me an email to work on a custom order. 


My art has fun at its heart, so I want my website to have that too


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And I'll take you to pet portraits

Click on me and I'll take you to the wild side


Why choose Happy Pawtraits?

The one thing you will find in my art is (and there's a clue in the name) is happiness. My watercolour and digital pawtraits are bursting with fun, happiness and colour. I work with a photograph of your pet to capture their true and unique character, they are all individuals and I work closely with you to capture that to the best of my ability. 
When I draw a pawtrait, I always feel like the subject has actually come round to my house. We sit there together listening to music, eating biscuits and then they go off home with the drawing. It might seem that being an artist is a lonely job but how can it be when you get to meet such brilliant characters every day. It's like having a party all the time. 
My work can be posted but my most popular listing are those that are painted then scanned at a high resolution and emailed for you to print off in whatever size you want. You can have it as small as the original or blow it up on a canvas. 


Happy Planet Pawtraits

As well as pet pawtraits I also draw my own series of Happy Planets, featuring our planets beautiful wildlife. The one below shows many endangered creatures. I'm currently working on many more which will be up for sale soon. 
I'm happy to call myself an Artivist, using my art to help heal the world and it's beautiful creatures. I often hold funraisers and every Christmas do a project to raise money for animals. There's a lot of darkness in the world and I want to offer a light to bring happiness through my art. 

How to contact me

"I hope you find what you're looking for but more importantly have a happy day"

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