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It's time
The calendar and Dishwasher Dad book has been launched!


Have your pet drawn in my heartwarming 2023 calendar with 200 other pets. Each page is hand-drawn with care and full of heartwarming illustrations, making it a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate your furry friend. It also makes a great gift, imagine your friend’s face when they see their pet in the calendar.


This is a very special calendar as I start creating every page only after the slots are filled. For weeks I'll draw everyone's pets having amazing adventures and then when it's ready the calendars will be printed and shipped out to you ready to make your day.

A whole book about our favourite accidental Dad, this time causing chaos with me, Doodle, on our holiday to Wales. Every single part is true! Full of comics, illustration and craziness, it’s everything you’d expect from the Dishwasher Dad Family and more

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